Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Versatile Vera Wrap Skirt

Here at Paper People, versatility is always something we keep in mind when designer.  And what could be more versatile than a wrap skirt?  This simple a-line skirt fits wearers size 2-14.  Made from a strong and supple mud dyed silk, Vera Wrap Skirt comes in 3 colourways - black, red and purple.   Wrap it one way to show off florals and wrap it the opposite way when you're in the mood for funky geometrics.

Liz pairs her red Vera Skirt with a crisp sleeveless blouse, funky, chunky shoes by Fluevog and a summer straw fedora.  Through her own company, Liz PR, Liz styles and promotes classical musicians.  Liz is always a treat to have on set as she's fun, at ease in front of the camera and always keeps us smiling and laughing.

Designer, Jenn pairs her purple Vera Wrap Skirt with the simple Joan Cowl Top.  With so many fun colours to pull from this skirt - purple, blue, green, orange and black -  the possibilities are endless.

The Jennifer Fukushima collection, a line of premium statement knitwear will be launching this August, so follow along to stay in the loop.

The Vera Wrap Skirt is available at select independent Canadian retailers:

13 Reasons (Port Dover, ON)
Ecoexistence (Toronto, ON)
Flock Boutique (Ottawa, ON)
Fresh Collective (Toronto ON) 
The Loop (Thunder Bay, ON)
Something Else (Port Colborne, ON)
Studio Intent (Calgary, AB)
Workshop Boutique (Ottawa, ON)

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