Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Theresa Cowl: Warm & Glamorous

Happy New Year to all!  We're back from our hiatus with more fun styling options to inspire your wardrobe.  This week we're featuring ways to look warm and glamorous in the Theresa Cowl.  A lightweight, versatile infinity scarf made from a delicate recycled cotton blend, you'll be happy to nestle in on those cold winter days we've been experiencing of late.

Available in burgundy, charcoal, green and purple, this scarf is made from a special recycled fabric.  Scraps from the cutting room floor are reprocessed into a brand new fabric, maximizing material usage and keeping fabric out of the landfills.

Meaghan has convinced designer, Jenn to pose with her glasses off.  A rare feat indeed.  Jenn chooses the Theresa Cowl in her favourite hue, burgundy.  She's got enough hair to keep her warm and then some, so she scrunches it up like a cozy scarf.  She applies a generous helping of eyeshadow in charcoal to accent the shape of her eyes.  Tip: After applying eyeliner she uses a little bit of eye shadow to seal the liner and keep it put.

Liz is styling like a vintage movie star with her green Theresa Cowl and shades.  She chooses a rich, rusty shade of burgundy for her lips along with a brown eye shadow to create a harmonious fall colour palette.

Jessie chooses the Theresa Cowl in charcoal grey.  Her hot pink streak and matching lipstick really pop against this dark neutral canvas.  Tip: Jessie likes to layer brightly coloured lip gloss over her lipstick to give the hue extra dept and shine.

Meaghan uses her green Theresa Cowl to accessorize her outfit.  Since the cowl is made from breathable cotton, it won't overheat you indoors.  She chooses to highlight her eyes, her best feature, using a warm rusty coral.

The Theresa Cowl is available at select independent Canadian retailers:
Hemp & Company (Victoria, BC) 
Boutique Lily Ka (Montreal, QC)
The Loop (Thunder Bay, ON)
Natureal Junction (Toronto, ON)

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