Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gorgeous in Gail

This week we profile one of our most unique, eco fashion accessories, The Gail Scarf.  The super soft wool blend is made in Italy from recycled fibres.  Scraps from the cutting room floor are taken and reprocessed into new yarns which are then felted to perfection to give this scarf a beautifully tactile look.  The scarf fades from taupe to brown to black. 

Left: Designer, Jennifer pairs her Gail Scarf with her favourite brown and purple Lorraine Cardigan.  She chose handmade wooden buttons from Woodlot to accent her scarf.  Woodlot is a Canadian company that creates handmade wooden buttons, jewellery and toys from fallen trees and reclaimed lumber.

Right: Meaghan pairs her Gail Scarf with the Thieves 5 in 1 dress.  The dress is made from beautifully soft Tencel jersey and can be morphed into many different forms.  Thieves is a Toronto based eco fashion line by Sonja den Elzen.

The Gail Scarf is available exclusively at:
Eco Diva Clothing (Arlington Heights, IL)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Emergency Post from the One of a Kind Show!

As you may or may not know, we're currently showing our wares at the annual One of a Kind Christmas Show & Sale here in Toronto.  For those of you who aren't familiar with the show, it's an extravaganza of handmade goods from Canadian, US and international artisans.  Expect to find original fashion, jewellery, fine art, ceramics, bath & body products, foods and many other clever creations.

As an exhibitor, this show is really intense.  It runs for 11 days - Nov 28 - Dec 8, so it's a serious time commitment, but we love it.  The customers truly appreciate all the hard work that goes into our designs and meeting other fellow exhibitors and talking shop is truly a pleasure.

I've had a few opportunities to peruse the other sellers and picked out a few I'd like to mention here.

EssenC Knitwear

When I came across the EssenC booth, I had to stop designer, Sinead Clarke to ask about her design process and talk shop.  By the time we were through, we'd agreed to trade sweaters and hopefully get together after the show is done!  Originally from Ireland she has ventured across the Atlantic to bring her designs here to us.  I think you'll agree that they are very original and inspiring!

Here's the sweater I'm hoping to get.  I'm having trouble deciding what colour I like best.  I'm thinking charcoal grey or brown/beige as it will go with everything.  Plus I'm trying to tone it down and look a little more sophisticated lately.

Rosella Resin Jewellery

Again, I had to stop myself from jumping up and down with excitement when I turned the corner to find Rosella Resin Jewellery.  Sisters Jessica and Gwynne have teamed up to create this line of beautiful, unique, funky jewellery.  Being that it's resin based I was a bit suspicious when Jessica informed me that it was eco friendly, but the formula they use is actually derived from pine oils taken from the waste streams of other manufacturing products.  Encased in these colourful resins are beautiful & delicate feathers, lichens and shells.


An old favourite of mine, Montreal based designers Laurie and Christine have been designing under their label, Cokluch since 2007.  Originally specializing in leather goods from handbags to jackets, they've since expanded to offer a range of women's clothing as well.  Their bags are functional, durable and truly stylish.

Along with this chic and stylish "Bang Bang" Dress, I also picked up my fourth Cokluch purse, a heritage inspired messenger bag with embossed triangle motif in a bright cognac stained leather.

Jennifer Glasgow

And last but not least, I'd like to mention another Montrealer, Jennifer Glasgow.  I've been eyeing up Jennifer's designs for the past few years but was finally seduced by her sophisticated and flattering designs this time around!

The Austin Dress looked great on the hanger and even better when I put it on!  And being that it's made from a hemp/organic cotton blend it was a bit of a no brainer for this eco-fashionista.

I also picked up a dress version of the beautiful Blythe Blouse.  When I went back to pick up my dresses I had the pleasure of chatting with Jennifer Glasgow herself.  We bonded over fabric sourcing and chatted about her shop, General 54 in Montreal.

So although I did break the bank a little, it felt really good to be supporting other like minded designers and artists.  It really gives me peace of mind to know that these goods were made by other small independent businesses who do their best to create jobs and value in their local communities and beyond!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gwen's Got Style!

Here at Paper People, we put a lot of thought and care into each and every one of our upcycled pieces.  We spend hours sourcing the perfect materials for our reclaimed vintage eco fashions, always keeping in mind the end use.  We know that you like to stay warm and cozy in the winter and you appreciate the comfort, quality and breathability of natural fibres.  So when designing the Gwen Hat, we made sure to use only the softest merino, cashmere and angora so that even those of you with sensitive skin could enjoy the warmth of wool!

Jenn is going all out grunge.  She pairs her brown Gwen Hat with a hand me down men's army jacket that she tailored to fit her along with her favourite cords and Doc Marten boots.

 Jessie of Sugar Rush Jewellery is cozying up in her favourite Paper People pieces of the season.  She pairs her grey Gwen Hat with a matching Denise Sweater and black Diane Leg Warmers.

Meg-O of the Deadly Nightshades, an all female bike gang and arts collective is ready to ride!  Her her pink Gwen and pink & red patterned Maria Arm Warmers create lively pops of colour against her grey Modrobes jacket (made of polyester from recycled water bottles).

Tanya is showing off her favourite fall colours!  She pairs her orange Gwen Hat with coordinating Diane Leg Warmers and even manages to pull off the matching lipstick!

The Gwen Hat is available at independent retailers across Canada:
Awear (Collingwood, ON) 
Ecoexistence (Toronto, ON)
Eleven : Eleven Boutique (Calgary, AB)
Flock Boutique (Ottawa, ON)
Fresh Collective (Toronto ON) 
Hemp & Company (Victoria, BC) 
Boutique Lily Ka (Montreal, QC)
Luvly in Lunenburg Nova Scotia
Natureal Junction (Toronto, ON)
Persephone's Wardrobe (Guelph, ON)
P'Lovers (Kingston, ON)
Still Eagle (Nelson, BC)
Taiga Yoga & Therapy Centre (Yellowknife, NT)
Workshop Boutique (Ottawa, ON)

as well as at: