Monday, November 25, 2013

What's in store at the One of a Kind Show!

The One of a Kind Show & Sale is fast approaching!  For those of you who have never been, this show is truly a treat.  It's a juried show, so each exhibitor is hand selected by a panel of judges and we are truly honoured to be showcased!  The theme is artisanal products that are handmade by crafts people from Canada and the US.  Exhibitors run the gamut from fine art, to fashion and home decor to bath and body products and of course the ever popular flavours section.  The show runs 11 days from November 28 to December 8th and for those of you who are busy at the office, there is a late night shopping event on Thursday, December 5th where the show will be open until 11pm.

Tickets are $14 at the door, but take advantage of our special insider deal and get yours for just $11!  So come visit us in booth F-08.  We'll be happy to help you pick out the perfect holiday outfit or gift!

With just a 10'x10' booth space, we have to be very selective, only bringing the best of the best.  Of course we'll be fully stocked with all the fun giftable mittens, arm warmers, leg warmers and hats, but our real passion is the clothing.  So here's a brief showcase of the styles you can expect to see at the One of a Kind Show this year:  

The Lorraine Cardigan

The Jacqueline Dress

The Yvonne Cardigan

The Maude Blazer
The Rose Cardigan

The Elaine Vest
The Stella Dress

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