Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Beth: the Beauty of Organic Cotton

In the grand scheme of sustainable fibres, organic cotton is one of our favourites.  Earlier in the year we met with the folks from Canopy, a not for profit that advocates for the preservation of forests worldwide.  Through our meeting we learned that over the past few years there has been a rise in the popularity of rayon (like we didn't notice!).  This was due in part to the increase in cotton prices.  Rayon is manufactured from cellulose fibre, the most popular source being trees and it has contributed greatly to deforestation across the globe.  Cellulose fibres from trees are too stiff on their own to make soft, wearable fabrics so they must be processed chemically with caustic soda which is a highly toxic substance.

If you go through your wardrobe today you can likely find many garments made from rayon.  T-shirts and knits made from rayon have a slight sheen to them, are thinner than cotton, less prone to wrinkling and have a tendency to shrink and pill after just a few washes.  At Paper People, we prefer organic cotton as it washes and wears better and does not contribute to deforestation, nor does it require harsh chemicals.  It is naturally soft and absorbent.  We chose organic cotton for the Beth Top features here.

 Jessie is looking vibrant in her colourful ensemble.  She chooses the Beth Top in fuchsia to match her hair and throws on a pair of fuchsia shoes to coordinate.  Her contrasting green pants and make the colours really pop and she tops it all off with a brass necklace from her line, Sugar Rush.

 Jenn picks her Beth Top in purple of course!  She dresses her top up with a ruffled, tiered skirt, lace scarf, lace tights and matching purple boots.

Meaghan is ready for work in her teal Beth Top.  It's the perfect pop of colour for her professional black skirt and blazer.  Always eco, and always caffeinated, Meg never forgets to bring her reusable coffee cup.  This one is made by Keep Cup with sustainability in mind!

Liz is comfy and casual in her green Beth Top.  She throws on her favourite dark denim, brown boots and accents her look with a brown scarf.  Liz is a professional stylist and PR agent for classical musicians and she's a real live wire to have on set! 

The Beth Top is available at select independent Canadian retailers:
Eleven : Eleven Boutique (Calgary, AB)
Natureal Junction (Toronto, ON)

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