Thursday, October 31, 2013

Eco Halloween Costumes

I thought I would take this opportunity to get into the Halloween spirit and share some of my costumes from recent years.  Being that I have a studio full of fabric, vintage clothes and sewing equipment at my disposal, putting together a last minute costume is never an issue.  And being the frugal and eco conscious fashion lover that I am, my favourite materials to use are fabric scraps.  I've got boxes and boxes of them that I keep neatly sorted by colour and fabric type.

As you probably know, my very favourite fabric to work with is reclaimed wool sweaters.  And what could be more appropriate for staying warm and dry for a cold, wet, Canadian Halloween?

Last year I raided the scrap bins to put together my very own reclaimed pigeon costume.  I pieced together larger light grey sweater scraps for the cape like wings and decorated them with an assortment of feathers made from grey pinstripes, tweeds and herringbones left over from some deconstructed men's wool pants.

And the previous year found me staying warm in my moth cape.  Made from a beautiful patchwork of beige, taupe and cream coloured sweaters, I accented the wings with coasted sized doilies.

So next Halloween, think about getting crafty before you head out to buy a costume.  Visit your local Goodwill or thriftstore, attend a clothing swap, or if you're in the GTA, shoot me a message, I just might have some extra fabric scraps that are looking for a good home!

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