Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hip with Holly

As an eco fashion line, we're constantly challenged to come up with new, different yet functional pieces.  The world of sustainable clothing is growing quickly and many mass merchants are now catching wind of this environmental phenomenon.  Still, we know that to many of our customers, buying made in Canada and supporting small, independent business is a priority.  

Here at Paper People, we're not exactly known for our basics, but you've got to have something to layer under your super funky vests and cardigans or pair with your statement piece skirts.  The Holly Top is the perfect solution to complete your outfit without looking too out there!  The fabric itself is simply splendid.  Made from a blend of recycled cotton fibres, the top is super soft, breathable and semi sheer.  But fear not, we've lined the bodice for those who prefer to leave a little to the imagination

Jessie goes for a classic, feminine look.  She matches her green Holly Top with the foliage in her floral skirt and tops it off with sexy open toed pumps.

 Designer, Jenn goes for a layered up casual look.  She matches her burgundy Holly Top with tones in her favourite Chloe Vest.  She finished off the look with comfy grey cords and blue lace up boots.
Petite Tanya pulls off the Holly as a tunic, layering it over graphic, two tone, printed leggings.

 Meaghan, of the Deadly Nightshades Midnight Bike Crew is looking sporty yet stylish in her cycling outfit.  She chooses the Holly in grey and accessorizes the look with the Maria Arm Warmers, Diane Leg Warmers and the Junction Bag by Ynot Cycle, a Toronto based bike accessory brand.

The Holly Top is available at select Canadian independent retailers:
Ecoexistence (Toronto, ON)
Fresh Collective (Toronto ON) 
Luvly in Lunenburg (Nova Scotia)
Natureal Junction (Toronto, ON)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Add an Edge with Elaine

Our commitment to offering the most unique eco fashion, all made in Canada is of the utmost importance to us.  Many of our pieces are made from upcycled clothing that would otherwise go to waste.  We're very excited to offer these one of a kind creations to you!

Work to casual is something we've been exploring a lot lately at Paper People.  Let's face it, most 9-5ers need garments that are work appropriate but want something that expresses who they are, something they are excited to put on in the morning.  Last season the Maude Blazer proved to be the perfect remedy to that problem.  Well the Maude Blazer is coming back and she's bringing her cousin, Elaine!  The Elaine Vest, much like the Maude Blazer, fuses that perfect combination of comfort and tailored conservatism.  Reclaimed wool sweaters are melded with men's wool dress pants to create this unique and artful piece.

 Fall is Jenn's favourite season because she loves to layer!  She chose the Elaine in a warm brown because it goes with all her earth tones and jewel tones.    
Jessie dresses up her classic jeans and t-shirt look.  She layers her Elaine Vest over the Holly Top in purple and adds some sexy open toed pumps.

Meaghan is looking business casual.  She layers her navy Elaine Vest over an airy silk blouse, grey slacks and flats. 

Tanya is looking trendy in her two tone black and white ensemble.  She pairs her black Elaine Vest with a black and white necktie blouse, black skinny jeans and loafers.

The Elaine Vest is available at independent retailers across Canada:
Awear (Collingwood, ON) 
Cat's Cradle Boutique (Toronto, ON)
Ecoexistence (Toronto, ON)
Fresh Collective (Toronto ON) 
Luvly in Lunenburg Nova Scotia
Parade (Toronto, ON)
Persephone's Wardrobe (Guelph, ON)
Something Else (Port Colborne, ON)
Tapestry (Calgary, AB)

as well as at:

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Yvonne - A Transitional Layering Essential

As a small design line in the world of eco fashion it can be hard to make an impact.  A lot of sustainable clothing uses the same plain fabrics.  As we transition to using new green materials, we're very excited to be sourcing far and wide to find the most unique and current fabrics for our pieces.  But of course everything is made in Toronto with lots of local love!

And we're super excited that fall is just around the corner.  Here at Paper People, we know that layering is essential for remaining stylish in our unpredictable Canadian climate.  

Made from a beautiful lightweight knit, the Yvonne Cardigan is the perfect piece to enhance your spring, summer or fall wardrobe.  The fabric is made from recycled cotton fibres and it's manufactured in Italy.  After garments have been cut, the scraps left over are re-processed back into yarns, then knitted into new fabrics.  And because the old fabric is already pre-dyed they're able to skip a step in the process, saving on all the water and energy used in the dying process.

Intern, Tanya was feeling a little chilly in her summer dress so she layers up with the Yvonne Cardigan in charcoal grey.

Designer, Jenn just loves using rich, fall colours and textures to create her signature bohemian eco-chic look.  She chose the Yvonne Cardigan in burgundy to wear with her teal dress, matching burgundy tights and burn out velvet scarf.

The always funky Jessie loves summer because of all the bright colours and funky patterns.  She pairs the purple Yvonne with her favourite butterfly print summer dress and layers up with opaque tights and matching purple shoes to complete the look.

Environmentalist/marketing consultant Meaghan is an eco fashion maven.  She pairs her green Yvonne with a vintage silk blouse, necklace by Afribeads, boots by Ark (available at Chartreuse Style) and bag by a local friend of ours, Isak & Inger.

The Yvonne Cardigan is available at independent retailers across Canada:
Ecoexistence (Toronto, ON)
Eleven : Eleven Boutique (Calgary, AB)
Fresh Collective (Toronto ON) 
The Loop (Thunder Bay, ON)
Radway Studio (Cowichan Bay, BC)

as well as at: