Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Spring Summer 2014 Photoshoot!

I know it's hard to believe but we've already finished designing the Paper People Spring/Summer 2014 collection!  This season we've sourced eco fabrics from around the globe including organic cotton from India and the USA, beautiful linen/cotton knits from Italy and silk dyed with iron bearing mud.

Once the collection is all finished it's time to shoot!

Kim works on Sivan's makeup.
For the past few years we've worked with professional models to create our lookbook and lifestyle photos, but we decided to change things up this time!  We wanted to emphasize the small, hands on nature of our business so we decided to do model the clothing ourselves!

Design assistant, Sivan did the lookbook scenes.  With her height, proportions and beautiful features it isn't a stretch that she would end up modeling!  

For the "lifestyle" scenes, Siv and I modeled together.  We used a variety of props, equipment and our sense of humour to create a surreal studio environment.  We modeled fancy summer dresses in high heels while working with industrial sewing equipment and struggling with large rolls of fabric as a tongue in cheek reference to the glamourization of the fashion industry.  In real life we come to work in t-shirts and shorts, prepared to be covered in dust and thread, ready for any heavy lifting that may need to be done.  

Healthy snacks.

Photographer, Carmen Cheung doing her thing.

We were lucky to shoot again with my good friend Carmen Cheung.  Carmen has been shooting with us for years and I thought the posed, poised studio scenes would work perfectly with her style.  Check out some of her previous projects here to get a better idea: http://www.carmencheungphoto.com/#/Projects/0

Kim doing some last minute touch ups.
And this time we were joined by Kim Haddad who specializes in hair and makeup.  Kim was introduced by our friend and makeup artist Andrea Brown.  Kim was a joy to work with and made us look lovely.   And interestingly she comes from Montreal and has a vast array of experience in the fashion industry.  

Check back over the coming weeks and months for more sneak peaks of what we have in the works!


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