Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Interview with Design Assistant Sivan Levy

Your name and age:  Sivan Levy/25

How long have you worked for/with Paper People Clothing?
I have been working for Paper People Clothing for just over 2 years!
What is your position?
I am Jennifer’s design and production assistant.

What is your educational background? Where did you go to school?  How has your education adapted into your career today?
 I graduated from the George Brown Fashion Techniques and Design program in 2011. This was a 2 year program that definitely gave me the skills I needed to work in the fashion industry. In fact, it was through my school that I found out about the position at Paper People Clothing!
More recently I have decided to continue my education and I am heading back to school in the Fall! I will be studying visual arts at the University of Toronto.

What is your schedule on a daily basis?

My daily schedule is constantly changing. It may vary from cutting up reclaimed pieces for production, to quality checking finished garments before sending them out to the retailers, or even drafting my own designs and sewing samples.

What is the best part about working for Paper People?

There are a lot of things I love about working for PaperPeople. The work environment is fun and interactive and I work with great people.  I really enjoyed designing a couple pieces for the fall and spring collections. To be a part of the process from the very beginning sketching stages all the way through to the final outcome is really exciting! I also had the opportunity to model for the spring/summer collection that will be coming out in 2014. It was a lot of fun to play dress up and try on all the amazing outfits!

 How would you describe your own personal style?
I tend to gravitate towards basic silhouettes, but love mixing in fabrics that flow or have interesting prints. I often like to accent my look with ethnic or vintage jewelry "borrowed" from my moms jewellery box.

Where do you envision yourself in five years?
In five years I hope to be done school and working as a teacher! I love fashion and know that I will always incorporate my skills and knowledge of fashion into whatever I do.

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