Thursday, May 30, 2013

Inspired by Adrienne

 As the weather begins to heat up and summer wedding season is just on the horizon we bring you the Adrienne Cowl Dress.  So skip the sweaty polyester satin this time around, the Adrienne is made from a super lightweight, breathable fabric and comes in 3 great colours: olive, purple and magenta.

Inspired by the ever popular and ever so flattering top by the same name, the Adrienne Dress is crafted from ecologically friendly Tencel fabric.  Tencel is made from sustainably harvested wood pulp.  The pulp is processed in a closed loop system whereby the chemicals used are recycled continuously avoiding waste and pollution.  So you can feel good about your choice while looking good too!

Any occasion to break out the sparkles and shimmers has Sam jumping for joy.  She pairs her olive coloured Adrienne with shimmery gold flats and matching beaded statement earrings.

Sivan is loving the magenta coloured Adrienne.  She lets her hair down and goes for a fun pair of colourful beaded sandals.  After all, it's finally summer!

Alice decides to go funky pairing her olive coloured Adrienne with black sandals, a turquoise belt and matching toe nail polish.

All about layering, Jenn pairs her purple Adrienne with a vintage Paper People cropped cardigan similar to this season's Gloria.  And of course her outfit is not complete without lacey tights and flats.

This summer we're loving the Adrienne Cowl Dress for many occasions from funky to formal.

Pick one up today at an independent retailer near you:
Awear (Collingwood, ON) 
Curiosities Gift Shop (London, ON)
Ecoexistence (Toronto, ON)
Flock Boutique (Ottawa, ON)
Fresh Collective (Toronto ON)  
The Loop (Thunder Bay, ON)
re:treat (Elora, ON)
Still Eagle (Nelson, BC)

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