Thursday, April 18, 2013

Reuse Reduce Recycle with Rita!

At Paper People we like to make sure nothing goes to waste.  And the Rita Headband conveniently serves this purpose!  We first created the Ruby Scarf from reclaimed silk blouses.  The from the left over scraps we  created the Rita!  Take a look at the step by step process:

Headband pieces are cut from left over silk pieces.  The pieces are interfaced for extra support.  

Next we chose the tiniest, most delicate doilies to ornament these little treasures.

Then we sew them up using cotton thread.  Quite often the doilies are tea stains, so . . . 

We have fun with a little fabric dye!  The dye covers up the tea stains and the silk fabric and cotton thread dye beautifully!

The Rita Headband is available exclusively at Eleven : Eleven Boutique.  Only 5 of these were made!  Visit Eleven : Eleven at their new location at suite 4, 1145 Kensington Crescent in Calgary, Alberta and pick up one of these one of a kind treasures today!

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