Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tonic Boutique of Saskatoon

Without our wonderful host of supportive independent retailers we wouldn't be where we are today!  Today marks the first in our series of retailer profiles and we'll be starting off with Tonic of Saskatoon.  They are new to us but have been around for many years! 

Store Name: Tonic (our online store is www.farminista.com) (we just expanded next door and added a men's store -banjo (www.banjooutpost.com)

Store Address: 122 2nd Ave North, Saskatoon Saskatchewan

Store Website: www.tonic-life.com

Online shopping: yes - www.farminista.com

Facebook Page: tonic and farminista and banjo

Twitter: tonicsaskatoon, farministastyle, banjooutpost

How long has your store been in operation?
Tonic is 11 years old, Farminista is new!

Tell us a little bit about the city or area of town where your store is located? (What is it known for? Historical or cultural significance?)
Saskatoon is the "Paris of the Prairies" the city surrounds a river with lots of bridges, parks and walking trails, great restaurants and coffee shops.

Tell us about the history of your store? How/when/why was it founded? Is it family owned? A co-operative or collaborative business?
I had a small vintage store called "stuff" for a few years and then grew and moved downtown to start Tonic – I’m Roxanne - now my husband (Jeff) runs the men's store and warehouse for farminista.com and my kids help on weekends.

Tell us about the type of merchandise your store carries?
We love local, handcrafted clothing and accessories and giftware, and always focus on having the best dresses!

Does your store give back to the community in any way?
We do whatever we can to help others, focusing on urban core youth, helping with camps, donating clothes and buying turkey dinners for 100's, involved in many charities!

Does your store ever hold any special events?
Every few months we have a huge shopaholic party, we get party food, drinks, and a DJ. It’s a super fun after hours sale event!

What is your favourite new style for Paper People Spring/Summer 2013?
The Frances Purse!

Visit Tonic or shop online at Farminista to pick up the Frances Purse!  Made from reclaimed upholstery and lined with reclaimed bedsheets, these purses are a great eco-fashion statement and cute addition to any summer outfit.

There are 5 available at Tonic and only 25 ever made, so this is truly a few of a kind piece.

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