Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spring has Almost Sprung!

 We at Paper People can hardly conceal our excitement for our new Spring/Summer 2013 collection!  The collection is filled with feminine pieces that are extremely versatile, all made from sustainable fabrics!  We decided it was only fair to let our customers in on a couple sneak peeks of the upcoming collection.
Soft feminine necklines will rule in the dress department. Is that the popular Adrienne Cowl Top from last spring? Not only have we brought it back, but we've also revamped it into something new and exciting! You will have to wait and see!

 The scarf dress has become a signature piece for us and we can't wait to unveil the new look for 2013!  As always, each piece is one-of-a-kind.  You will have to wait and see, but we guarantee you will love it!
This summer we want you to look pretty in plaid, and we have a new style that will accomplish this easily!  We have put together the best colors to create the prettiest summer sun dresses along with flowy, feminine tops, bottoms and some fun accessories to top it all off!

We have a few new pieces up on the online shop but you'll have to wait till Feb 11th to see the FULL collection!

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  1. The scarf dress is amazing! I like this. Winter is few days away to go. We will be looking for summer fashion after winter. Waiting to see the full collection in Feb 11.