Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rachel Leg Warmers!

Whatever your style, the Rachel Leg Warmers are the perfect accessory for this upcoming winter! Here is why:

Jenn pairs her Rachel Leg Warmers with her favourite Alexandra Dress.  They're the perfect accessory to layer up with dresses and leggings.

Sam loves the variety of colors available in the Rachel Leg Warmers You truly can't have just one pair!  Whether they go over your nylons or under your denim, they are the perfect accent to keep you looking fashionable, when all you want to be is WARM!
Siv loves how her Rachel Leg Warmers fit under her favourite boots.  She also says they bring a dose of funk to her every day denim look.  Better than hiking up your socks, these accessories make a statement while keeping you cozy! 

Pick up a pair for yourself or one for a friend today at our online shop or call a stockist near you to check for availability!

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