Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Loving Leona!

We the staff at Paper People Clothing took some time away on a crisp fall afternoon to love up the Leona Hat!  Here we are enjoying the city in our stylish PP winter accessories. 
Here is what we have to say about this marvelous hat:

Jenn loves this solid coloured hat because it goes with her funky, printed coat without being competing or over powering.  She's not usually a fan of solids but the Leona keeps things interesting by combining different textural and tonal combinations.

Siv wears her Leona Hat right through the fall and into the frosty winter.  She insists that this is her staple PP winter accessory because it is stylish, casual and comfortable.  Three things that she loves when it comes to shopping local accessories.  Another perk that she loves is how soft they are. The Leona Hats are made from the softest, most luxurious cashmere, angora or merino sweaters (also available in cotton for our vegan friends)!
Sam has a lot of winter hats, but relies on her Paper People Leona Hat because it is cute, comfy and doesn't have the busy details that tend to come with women's winter hats.  When going for that hat that has all three key points: comfort, warmth and STYLE the Leona hat is the one she chooses.  Though she does love a good pom-pom, the Leona is feminine without the fuss!

Visit one of our stockists to find a Leona for you or a loved one! This winter we will all need one, and who doesn't want to cover their head in soft cashmere this season!

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