Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Interview with photographer, Carmen Cheung

Today's post is the second in our series of interviews with the creative team that makes Paper People the exciting, vibrant, dynamic company that it is!

Your name and age: 
Carmen Cheung

How long have you worked for/with Paper People Clothing? 
Six years (?)

What is your position: 

What is your educational background? Where did you go to school? 
BFA from Ryerson

What is the best part about working with/for pp? 
Observing the creative process; seeing Jenn’s sketches, fabric samples, then final products is really amazing to see.

What is your favourite season for production at Paper People Clothing?

Tell us a fashion moment from your childhood.
When I was 4 or 5 I put on a brightly coloured plastic necklace just before I had to get my school photo taken to fun up my outfit which was picked out for me. The necklace made the outfit mine, and made my mom laugh when she got the photos back.

How did your family react to your choice to pursue a career as a creative professional?
They were (and still are) very supportive and show a lot of interest in my work.

Designer Jenn, and photographer Carmen met as students at Ryerson University.  As mutual appreciators of each other's work, they began working together on Paper People's seasonal photo shoots.  Take a look at some of Carmen's amazing work over the years:

Spring/Summer 2008

Fall/Winter 2009

Fall/Winter 2010
Fall/Winter 2012

Carmen is also arts editor for the online arts & culture magazine, The Little Red Umbrella: http://www.littleredumbrella.com/
You can contact her at:

Check out her personal site for a variety of personal projects, editorial work and portraits:
Or contact her at:

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