Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Big Boost from Fresh Collective!

About a month ago I was feeling a little uninspired.  We'd just finished designing and shooting the fall/winter 2012/13 collection and sales season for the line had wrapped up.  With the those major projects completed (successfully!) I was feeling like slowing down.  But if you own a small business you know it's never really time to slow down.

Laura-Jean from Fresh Collective offers "boost" meetings to all of her members who are feeling like they could use a little advice or a push in the right direction so I decided it was time.  I'd been struggling with a few things over the past few years.  Although my fall/winter line has been greeted with much success, spring/summer has struggled to approach our expectations.  This season we were lucky/smart enough to hit on several key items that are doing well but we also produced a lot of items that aren't doing well.  So although we're excited to have some hot items, the not so hot items have tipped our books in the opposite direction.  So we decided to embark on a little market research to discover just what it is our customers are after instead of force feeding them things they aren't interested in.

So with the help of Laura-Jean and Jane, Fresh Collective's regional manager I crafted our little summer dress market research plan.  We administered physical surveys at the 3 Fresh Collective locations which complemented our online version we ran through Survey Monkey.  Customers were asked to give feedback on the designs presented and in return we gave away 3 free dresses.  We also collected some basic demographic information to help us define our target market for our business plan.

We got a lot of interesting and helpful feedback and we hope to run more contests like this again in the future.  Plus who doesn't like making customers happy with free dresses every once in a while!  Stay tuned for some fun photos of our contest winners . . .

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  1. Awesome Jenn! I'm curious to hear some of the results of the survey. What were the most popular dress styles and why? I know what I voted and I'd be curious if it was in line with the general results. Also, thanks for the boost for the boost meetings!! I'm so glad down to the tips of my toes that it was useful for you. You're doing amazing things in your business and I'm glad to be a part of it! :) LJ