Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our new studio at a glance . . .

This January we moved into our new studio!  Our old space was about 340 square feet and packed to the brim with tables, sewing machines and shelves upon shelves of materials.

We were lucky to get a really good deal on our new space downstairs in the same building.  Now there is a place for everything!

I call this picture "don't bother me I'm working".  But you can see a good view of our shelves and boxes full of materials waiting to be made into something exciting!

Spring tanks, dresses and skirts waiting to be brough to Fresh Collective!

Our rainbow array of thread options.  Believe it or not we still don't have the right colour sometimes!!

I'm so happy we now have a wall to put up inspiration photos and press clippings!  In our old space we didn't even have a place to hang a calendar because every wall and window was covered in shelves.  So this is a big accomplishment!!  It makes me feel so much more at home!

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  1. This is amazing Jenn! I remember when you were just a bright young thing getting started. I hope you take a minute from time to time to reflect on your accomplishments. Now you're a bright young thing well established! It's exciting for me to be part of your journey. :-)