Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Scarf Dresses for Spring 2012!

Today we got our first batch of Jasmine Scarf Dress back from the sewers.  Each dress is made from 7 colour coordinated vintage scarves and an organic cotton/spandex bodice.  The bodice front is lined so you can go braless on those hot summer days if desired and the skirt is convertible so you can wear it long or short.

And here is our progress on the second batch of scarf dresses.  After those are done we start fall/winter production (think mittens! lots and lots of mittens).

Monday, March 27th at Fresh Collective Queen!

left to right: Allison Dress by Paper People with necklace by Sugar Rush, linen look dress by Mandala Design with cube necklace by Precious Pink, Adrienne Cowl Top by Paper People with poppy print skirt by Mandala Design and amethyst necklace by Curious Oddities.  

Every day at Fresh Collective we change the mannequins to freshen up the store.  There are so many fun pieces to play with and so many great colours!  This Monday Mandy Armstrong of Mandala Design visited to drop off some brand new dresses and skirts before scurrying off to set up for the One of a Kind Show.  You can visit her March 28 - April 1 at booth H-26!

Nicole Boudreau of Precious Pink Designs will also be exhibiting with her super cute clothing line, Desserts and Skirts!  You can visit her at booth O-26.  

And lastly, Kat Shura of Curious Oddities will also be at the OOAK selling her lovely handmade jewellery.  Her amethyst pendant above is one of my favourite pieces.  It comes with a super long chain and has some rust orange streaks running through the stone, very unusual for amethyst.  I think I might have to buy this piece if no one beats me to it!  Kat will be in booth K-06 sharing with another friend of mine, Hannah Richardson of Hana. Hannah does a line of vintage inspired clothing for women.

The Donna Dress in green.  This dress is made from a hemp/organic cotton blend with a contrast made from reclaimed bedsheets - check out all the different colours and patterns this one comes in.

With the strange weather we've been having it's a good time to stock up on those stylish layering essentials.  The Amber Cardigan is made from lightweight, reclaimed sweaters with a contrast made from reclaimed bedsheets.  This one comes in a ton of different colours and patterns so you really have to come in and see them for yourself!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Monday at Fresh Collective!

Some selections from my Monday spent at Fresh Collective!
Pictured above from left to right: printed linen look dress by Mandala Design, floral dress by Nude Clothes, Amber Cardigan by Paper People Clothing, Eve Dress by Paper People Clothing.

Visit Fresh Collective (692 Queen St W in Toronto) to check out these great pieces!

The Amber Cardigan is made from reclaimed, light weight cotton or wool sweaters with an accent of reclaimed bedsheet and reclaimed or vintage buttons.  It comes in tons of different colour and print combinations.

The Eve Dress is something we just unveiled last Friday and we've already sold 3 of them.  It comes in green or purple at the Queen location.  If you visit Roncesvalles (401 Roncesvalles Ave at Howard Park) we also have it in grey or purple.  We only made one or two in each colour so they'll sell out quick!

And here we have the Tasha linen'n'lace Scarf up top.  It's made from hand dyed, reclaimed doilies and handkerchiefs that have been carefully selected, washed and pieced together for your enjoyment!  They're extremely delicate and full of interesting quirks and details like embroidery, florals & plaid prints, monograms, crotched trim and more.

Below we have the Tara Sleeves.  These are made from a variety of cotton, ramie, silk and rayon sweaters so they're a great accessory for the transitional weather.  They are marked down to only $12 (originally $32) and lots of colours to chose from!

Lastly we have the Allison Dress and the Andrea Tank.  The Allison Dress is made from 100% tencel, a fibre that comes from the eucalyptus tree.  It is a rayon based fibre but it is processed in a closed loop cycle so the chems used are reclaimed and used over and over.  The dress comes in purple & grey (shown) or a punchy coral & grey combo.  This dress is available in Toronto only at the Fresh Collective Queen West location but you can also get it at select stores across Canada.

The Andrea Tank is something new we just unveiled on Friday as well.  It comes in a ton of brights and neutrals to suit your wardrobe: royal blue (shown), purple, lilac, olive green and mushroom.  Each top features a contrast panel made from reclaimed bedsheets.  We've chosen a great selection of bright, bold, graphic patterns as well as some delicate, feminine florals so take your pic.  Accented with vintage or reclaimed buttons, each top is unique!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our new studio at a glance . . .

This January we moved into our new studio!  Our old space was about 340 square feet and packed to the brim with tables, sewing machines and shelves upon shelves of materials.

We were lucky to get a really good deal on our new space downstairs in the same building.  Now there is a place for everything!

I call this picture "don't bother me I'm working".  But you can see a good view of our shelves and boxes full of materials waiting to be made into something exciting!

Spring tanks, dresses and skirts waiting to be brough to Fresh Collective!

Our rainbow array of thread options.  Believe it or not we still don't have the right colour sometimes!!

I'm so happy we now have a wall to put up inspiration photos and press clippings!  In our old space we didn't even have a place to hang a calendar because every wall and window was covered in shelves.  So this is a big accomplishment!!  It makes me feel so much more at home!