Friday, February 24, 2012

Catch Up Time!

Okay, so after a 3 month hiatus I am back to the blog!  A lot has happened in past 3 months so let me tell you all about it!

The One of a Kind Show was a great success.  The booth came together seamlessly and our new designs were well received!  Here are some photos of the booth display:

After the One of a Kind Show finished up we had some more good news.  We'd been in need of a larger work space for quite some time and good things come to those who wait!!  A larger studio had opened up just downstairs from our old space.  Things were all set for us to move in for January which would prove to be quite a demanding month.

Our to do list for January 2012 included:
-move studio
-design Fall/Winter 2012/13 (just a 20 piece collection, no big deal)
-plan 2 photoshoots for FW12/13 including
-finish production of 10 styles for Spring/Summer 2012 to be complete by Feb 15th

Yup.  That's about it. 

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