Friday, February 24, 2012

Doilies adorn new spring dresses!

Back when I designed the Spring/Summer 2012 line I went a little nuts with the doilies so I've been busy dying up a storm this month to bring you dresses, skirts and scarves of luscious lace!

Here are some fancies in green and grey dripping dry in my bath tub.

Photo by Emma-Lee

Pictured above is the Tasha Scarf made from hand dyed vintage handkerchiefs and doilies.  Also pictured is the Adrienne Cowl Top made from tencel and the Angeline Skirt made from reclaimed bedsheets as well as 2 different types of tencel fabric.  Bangles by Blackjam.

Photo by Emma-Lee

And here we have the Florence Shrug and the Eve Dress which also features a hand dyed doily accent on the front yoke. 

Fall/Winter 2012/13 Lifestyle Shoot

Here is the second of our two shoots.  This one was done on location at Awtash (419 College Street) a Persian cafe and restaurant.  Awtash is conveniently just around the corner from my studio as well as my apartment.  I believe it opened in the Spring/Summer of 2011 and as soon as I saw it I was curious.  Walking by it's quite eye catching as you'll see.  The front of the restaurant is outfitted with luxurious couches, pillows and lanterns in rich colours and textures.  The menu includes pizzas with Persian ingredients, fancy cocktails, juices and smoothies and a long list of shisha flavours that you can smoke in one of their many hookahs.

Photographer Angela Lewis and myself contemplating something deep :P  But seriously, here's a nice shot of the front lounge.

The teapot I fell in love with along with some pretty awesome couches.  Someday my apartment will look like this if I'm lucky!!

Andrea, of Friskey Brown works on model, Juliana's hair. 

Model, Charlie stands in for some test shots.  And check out those arched doorways!  They put quite a lot of work into this bar.  You can also catch a glimpse of the back lounge area outfitted with handsomely upholstered benches and throw pillows.

A big thanks goes out to: Angela, Andrea, Sivan, Juliana & Charlie as well as Hommod and Carly of Awtash for letting us use their beautiful space.  We can't wait to share the photos with you . . . in 6 months from now.

Fall/Winter 2012/13 Lookbook Shoot

So now let's fast forward through January which consisted of moving the studio (I know we all enjoy moving) and designing Fall/Winter 2012/13 cause that's private and you don't get to see it until August!  I would however like to share with you some (vague) behind the scenes shots of our fall/winter photoshoots!

First came the lookbook shoot which we were able to hold at my new, much larger studio!  You can see a few glimpses of the new studio in the background.  This time my old friend and photographer, Carmen Cheung was back in action along with my favourite makeup artist, Andrea Brown!  These two are always a pleasure to have around and they do great work too!

Here we have the wonderful Andrea Brown applying some fresh lip colour to model, Elora.  You can catch a little peak at the new Leona Hat designed by my assistant Sivan.  Sivan has been with me since June and I decided to give her a run at designing several accessories for the new collection.  I was very happy with the outcome and I think we're going to have a strong lineup of winter accessories for next year! 
Also pictured are a delicious selection of boots borrowed from Get Out Side Shoes as well as my lovely vintage drapes hanging in the background.  We are fortunate enough to have plenty of large windows in the new studio which gave me an excuse to pick up some funky vintage drapes last time we went vintage picking.  It's so nice to finally have enough space to decorate!

Here we have Carmen doing her thing and me leaned over the computer viewing the photos as they're shot.  What did we ever do before the times of digital photography and shooting directly to a laptop?  I'm actually able to select the shots I want as they come up which speeds up the process of selecting and editing later.
And in the back you can catch a glimpse of our new workspace.  We'll have to clean up and do a proper studio tour soon! 

And here we have more bending over!  Aren't computers great?

Catch Up Time!

Okay, so after a 3 month hiatus I am back to the blog!  A lot has happened in past 3 months so let me tell you all about it!

The One of a Kind Show was a great success.  The booth came together seamlessly and our new designs were well received!  Here are some photos of the booth display:

After the One of a Kind Show finished up we had some more good news.  We'd been in need of a larger work space for quite some time and good things come to those who wait!!  A larger studio had opened up just downstairs from our old space.  Things were all set for us to move in for January which would prove to be quite a demanding month.

Our to do list for January 2012 included:
-move studio
-design Fall/Winter 2012/13 (just a 20 piece collection, no big deal)
-plan 2 photoshoots for FW12/13 including
-finish production of 10 styles for Spring/Summer 2012 to be complete by Feb 15th

Yup.  That's about it.