Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rachel Leg Warmers!

Whatever your style, the Rachel Leg Warmers are the perfect accessory for this upcoming winter! Here is why:

Jenn pairs her Rachel Leg Warmers with her favourite Alexandra Dress.  They're the perfect accessory to layer up with dresses and leggings.

Sam loves the variety of colors available in the Rachel Leg Warmers You truly can't have just one pair!  Whether they go over your nylons or under your denim, they are the perfect accent to keep you looking fashionable, when all you want to be is WARM!
Siv loves how her Rachel Leg Warmers fit under her favourite boots.  She also says they bring a dose of funk to her every day denim look.  Better than hiking up your socks, these accessories make a statement while keeping you cozy! 

Pick up a pair for yourself or one for a friend today at our online shop or call a stockist near you to check for availability!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Loving Leona!

We the staff at Paper People Clothing took some time away on a crisp fall afternoon to love up the Leona Hat!  Here we are enjoying the city in our stylish PP winter accessories. 
Here is what we have to say about this marvelous hat:

Jenn loves this solid coloured hat because it goes with her funky, printed coat without being competing or over powering.  She's not usually a fan of solids but the Leona keeps things interesting by combining different textural and tonal combinations.

Siv wears her Leona Hat right through the fall and into the frosty winter.  She insists that this is her staple PP winter accessory because it is stylish, casual and comfortable.  Three things that she loves when it comes to shopping local accessories.  Another perk that she loves is how soft they are. The Leona Hats are made from the softest, most luxurious cashmere, angora or merino sweaters (also available in cotton for our vegan friends)!
Sam has a lot of winter hats, but relies on her Paper People Leona Hat because it is cute, comfy and doesn't have the busy details that tend to come with women's winter hats.  When going for that hat that has all three key points: comfort, warmth and STYLE the Leona hat is the one she chooses.  Though she does love a good pom-pom, the Leona is feminine without the fuss!

Visit one of our stockists to find a Leona for you or a loved one! This winter we will all need one, and who doesn't want to cover their head in soft cashmere this season!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

We love the Grace!

 The Grace Demi Turban is the brilliant design work of Paper People Staffer Sivan Levy, longing for something more feminine when trudging around in the winter weather.  This winter accessory was created to be stylish and practical.  Not to mention, it is made from the most luxurious fabrics including merino, angora and cashmere.  They are SO soft! Super sister Siv, even named the Grace after her younger sister!  What a beautiful tribute!
Designer of this beautiful creation, Siv having a laugh!
Head designer Jenn, looking pretty in purple -  couldnt be more proud of her hard workling assitant who has been her trusted and talented employee for over a year!
Sam is anything but - turning blue, because her Paper People winter accessories are keeping her warm and stylish as this cold weather hits! 

Ladies check out our stockists to find the best selection of Grace Demi Turbans near you!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Interview with photographer, Carmen Cheung

Today's post is the second in our series of interviews with the creative team that makes Paper People the exciting, vibrant, dynamic company that it is!

Your name and age: 
Carmen Cheung

How long have you worked for/with Paper People Clothing? 
Six years (?)

What is your position: 

What is your educational background? Where did you go to school? 
BFA from Ryerson

What is the best part about working with/for pp? 
Observing the creative process; seeing Jenn’s sketches, fabric samples, then final products is really amazing to see.

What is your favourite season for production at Paper People Clothing?

Tell us a fashion moment from your childhood.
When I was 4 or 5 I put on a brightly coloured plastic necklace just before I had to get my school photo taken to fun up my outfit which was picked out for me. The necklace made the outfit mine, and made my mom laugh when she got the photos back.

How did your family react to your choice to pursue a career as a creative professional?
They were (and still are) very supportive and show a lot of interest in my work.

Designer Jenn, and photographer Carmen met as students at Ryerson University.  As mutual appreciators of each other's work, they began working together on Paper People's seasonal photo shoots.  Take a look at some of Carmen's amazing work over the years:

Spring/Summer 2008

Fall/Winter 2009

Fall/Winter 2010
Fall/Winter 2012

Carmen is also arts editor for the online arts & culture magazine, The Little Red Umbrella: http://www.littleredumbrella.com/
You can contact her at:

Check out her personal site for a variety of personal projects, editorial work and portraits:
Or contact her at:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Awesome Alma Arm Warmers!

Don't you just hate having to answer a call, or search for a token when wearing your winter mitts?  We at Paper People have solved this problem for you!  The Alma Arm Warmers are the perfect answer to all your problems.  And hey, check out our great selection on our online shop!
Siv texts with ease, while wearing her stylish blue arm warmers
Head designer Jenn has so much on the go, here we catch her grabbing a snack while remaining incredibly Paper People chic!  The Alma Arm Warmers act as the perfect accessory all year round!
These arm warmers are created from sweater scraps left over from our regular production.  Not a scrap goes to waste in our studio, every ounce of sweater can be re-used into something great!
Lastly, working in a cold office? Tis the season, the Alma Arm Warmers not only keep you looking trendy in the work environment but will keep your hands warm while typing away!

 Can't decide which ones are your favourite?  Take advantage of our Pre-Holiday Sale on from Nov 12-16th!  All regular priced merchandise is 30%!  It's such a good deal that you'll want to pick up a few extras for holiday gifting and stocking stuffers.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

One of a Kind Show Preparation!

I'd heard a lot about the One of Kind Show from various designer friends and colleagues but shyed away from applying due to the massive amount of preparation and committment.  But 3 years ago due to the insistend encouragement of my colleague, Frederica Tomas of Utility Grade, I finally applied and have been a vendor at the show ever since.

The show is an 11 day holiday shopping extravaganza.  Featuring everything from Christmas ornaments to food to fashion and art, everything is handmade by Canadian and US artisans.  Being a juried show I was lucky to be accepted on my first application.  However jury selection ensures that the show has a vast and varied array of quality goods.

If you've attended the show in the past you'll note the amount of work vendors put into their booth displays.  It's as if you're being invited to shop 800 mini boutiques all under one roof.

For my first two appearances at the show I used various pieces of display equipment I'd aquired over the years but this time I decided to take things a step further.  As we speak Lucas Baker and Scott Sjoholm of Able Creates are working to bring my new mini boutique to life.

I spoke to Lucas on Monday and he emailed me this photo of my cash desk (work in progress).  So here's a little preview:

The cash desk is constructed from 4 modular stacking box units.  Lucas has used reclaimed barn board to create the boxes.  The top tier is accented with pieces from an old coffee table and the corners feature upcycled turned wood pieces.  

One of a Kind Ticket Give Away!!!

Hello Paper People fans!  Do you love the Toronto One of A Kind Show?  Well we have an amazing opportunity for you.  Send us a photo of yourself wearing your Paper People goods and you will be entered to win TWO TICKETS to the upcoming November 22nd show!  Your name will be entered into a draw and the winner will be chosen on November 12.   Here are some lovely sample entries! Thanks to those who have entered and don't forget to come visit us at the show, we will be at booth G-06.

Don't have a photo but still want to get a deal?  Click through the image below to purchase discounted tickets online:

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fun with Advertising!

Here at Paper People we've recently taken up some advertising initiatives.  For many years Jenn was running the business all on her own and spread thin but now that our team is growing we're recognizing the importance that advertising can play in the success of a business.

Basically, something we had considered a waste of money in the past has actually become an exciting, fun new project that is opening us up to all sorts of new possibilities!

The launch of the online shop was what prompted things but we're now realizing that in addition to consumers, we can also increase our awareness with retail buyers and media.

Our first initiative included a series of facebook ads aimed at targeting various geographic areas to grow our facebook following.  Since we're already carried at stores across Canada, we were hoping to grow our brand recognition in the US, so we targeted various areas in the states.  

Facebook ads are great because you can choose your daily budget as well as the location, interests and various other details of the target audience.

Determining what type of photos to use was also a challenge.  A lot of our beautiful look book photos look clean at a height of 600 pixels, but facebook ads are a modest 72 pixels high.  We found that creating a cut out with a plain white background made for a much clearer ad.  Check out the difference:

After having some success with the US ads and analyzing our facebook following, we realized that a lot of loyal Canadian customers were not following us, so we decided to take out some ads in different Canadian provinces to remind them!  Check out some of our other ads:

After having some fun with facebook ads, we decided to move onto one of our favourite magazines, BUST!

BUST is one of our favourite go-to magazines for crafts, indie fashion labels, music, culture and current events.  We also love their support of female entrepreneurs!  Pick up a copy today, to see our ad in real life or visit the BUSTshop online.

Here is a closer look at our ad:

Our model is wearing the popular Alexandra dress. Visit one of our stockists across Canada!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just in time for Halloween . . .

Today is the first in our series of interviews! We'll be interviewing all the dynamic, creative individuals from the Paper People team, sharing their experiences and how they got to where they are today!

Being that Halloween is just around the corner we're starting off with our spooky makeup artist extraordinaire, Andrea Brown.

Your name and age:
Andrea Brown, 33. (Jenn met Andrea through a friend and when it came time to seek professional help with her photo shoots, Andrea was eager to jump in and assist).

How long have you worked with Paper People Clothing?
2 years.

What is your position? 
Makeup Artist.

What is the best part about working with PP?
The best part of working with Paper People is the awesome ladies I get to work with. The shoots are lots of fun, creative and chill. It's like hanging out with friends. I love the clothes, they are amazing. I really enjoy seeing the new collections Jenn and company create. I prefer tradesy as payment, as it's a good way to fuel an addiction:)

What is your favourite season for production at Paper People Clothing?
Fall/Winter season. I live in their sweater dresses. They are super comfortable and look so smart. I also love their awesome thigh-high legwarmers.

How would you describe your own personal style?
I'm very eclectic. I love fashion, but don't follow trends. I'm very playful with my clothing . My wardrobe consists mostly of thrift and vintage finds. I love clothes swaps. I tend to mix and match patterns and colours. When putting an outfit together, I start with a pair of colourful socks and work my way up.

What kind of advice do you have for someone who is interested in running their own creative business or working in a creative industry?
My advice to them is to just go for it. But go hard. You can't do it half-assed or you won't get anywhere. And be creative with your attempt. If something isn't working, attempt it in another way. Don't pigeon-hole yourself.

Tell us about some other creative projects you have on the go!
I just finished up working on two TV series: Paranormal Witness (Sci Fi & Space Channel) and Breakout (Discover/National Geographic) which allowed me to design some really elaborate makeup applications.

At this moment I am preparing for the Halloween season with the Monster Makeup Factory. We help clients bring their Halloween characters to life.

Andrea is a Toronto based makeup artist. Her skills range from wedding, fashion and beauty to horrifyingly realistic monster makeup and special effects!

Take a peak at her porfolio or contact her today for your beauty/glamour/horror needs:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How we wear the Alexandra Dress

We love the Alexandra Dress for fall! It is a great style to wear no matter the occasion.  Available in a variety of colours and textures, choose the right one to complement your personal style. 
Designer, Jenn is ready for meetings all afternoon with her favourite local boutiques.  She has layered up her Alexandra Dress with the Emma Leggings and Mabel Top, a necklace she made herself and a felted bracelet she purchased last year at the One of a Kind Show!
The Alexandra dress is a great style for women of all sizes and shapes!  Head to our online shop, to check out our beautiful selection of fall finds including these dresses above.  Receive free shipping with orders over $200 or receive 15% off your first order until Nov 1st (just enter the code "FBFRIENDS").
Siv is busy in the studio prepping the final quality control checks on our last batch of winter arm warmers! (Check our online shop for those too!).  She remains classic and comfy in her favourite Alexandra dress that will keep her looking sleek as she meets friends later for a birthday dinner!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Paper People hosts Ryerson Students

It was a typical Friday.  We were performing quality control and shipping a large order of PP goods. But this Friday, we had some exciting visitors from Ryerson University.  Head designer, and founder of Paper People Clothing, Jennifer Fukushima is a graduate of their Fashion Design Program, (class of 2007) and has kept a good relationship with their fashion program.  We opened up our studio to a group of young fashionistas, who were eager to hear words of wisdom from Jenn.

 Jenn always enjoys taking advantage of the opportunity to meet with young, creative minds and share some of her experiences in the industry.  The Ryerson students always do plenty of research beforehand, scouring the internet and digging up dirt on Paper People's past endeavors.  They always throw in a few surprises!  One of the students, Callandre came from Jenn's hometown, Thunder Bay, Ontario, which was an unexpected coincidence!  

Thanks to Amanda, Carrielynn, Callandre, Holly and Alys for stopping by!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Siv & Sam strut the Stella!

The Stella Dress is made from re-purposed wool sweaters and is perfect for all occasions.  Paper People staffers, Siv and Sam both love to wear their PP Stella Dress out no matter the occasion!
Siv pairs her holiday red Stella with her favourite earrings that her Mom brought back from Israel several years ago.  Classically paired with black tights and high heals she is set to sip cocktails all night long at her upcoming holiday party!

World wide Paper People shoppers, check out our beautiful selection of Stella Dresses ONLINE! Free shipping on purchases over $200.

Sam keeps it casual wearing her trusty fall boots with her mixed grey Stella!  Adding a bit of funk to the look, she throws in her bright green graphic print tights that tie the whole casual-chic look together!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

In love with the Maude Blazer

We, the staff at Paper People are quite excited for the fall fashion season!  With the cool weather on its way we are excited to wear our PP goods!  This season the Maude Blazer is back by popular demand.  We three ladies believe this should be a staple of your fall wardrobe! 

Siv wears the navy Maude Blazer with a t-shirt and jeans.

Each one is handcrafted in Canada from a pair of men's wool dress pants, 2 high quality wool sweaters plus organic cotton twill! 
Shop the Maude blazer O N L I N E ! We have an amazing selection on our online shop

Designer Jenn, pairs her Maude Blazer with her summer Jasmine Scarf Dress!

Whatever your style, the Maude Blazer will complement your existing wardrobe and bring a touch of class, comfort and individuality to your style.  Get yours online today or visit one of our stockists across Canada!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fall is in Full Swing!

Check our website for a Paper People Clothing stockist near you.  We've just added two new locations to our list: Persephone's Wardrobe in Guelph, ON and Awear in Collingwood, ON.

We've already begun shipping out to stores across Canada and will have more goods going out in the coming month!

Here is head designer Jenn, preparing an order for one of our Calgary stores!

 Quality control is so important to us!  Each garment is carefully examined before sending out.

As fall gets started, we are already finishing up orders for winter hats and mittens!  Yes, our popular one of a kind mittens will be back this winter. Plus have you seen our new Grace Demi Turban? Definitely one of our new favourite winter accessories!

Now it might look a bit like chaos, but as is any creative work room.  We are working hard to get the orders out to a store near you. See you soon!