Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Style Spin!

Recently my friends Irene, Cat, Laura, Patti and Kirsten of the Deadly Nightshades have been organizing the Style Spin.  Style Spin is a bike tour that starts out at the Drake Hotel and visits various fashion studios around the city. 
Cat Essiambre of the DNS
The Deadly Nightshades are a self described "all girls midnight bike gang" who go around the city making art, fashion and mischief among other things.
This tour they visited The Burroughs Building (Philip Sparks), 401 Richmond (Janet Attard) and our very own rustic 310 Spadina! 

So we spent the day cleaning up the studio!

Guests entering 310 Spadina
Myself and my friends Halyey, Hillary (Ruth Weil) and Jade were happy to give tours of our studios.  We ushered the 50 some guests up the stairs to our 5th floor studios and let them have a look around.

Studio Paper People

Jade shows off her reclaimed guitar string earrings.
Our guests were very enthusiastic and had lots of questions about our work!  We showed off our workspace as well as some exciting new designs for fall 2011!  A good time was had by all!

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