Monday, July 11, 2011

So many photoshoots!

 So we had our big lifestyle shoot on Thursday.  My assistant Sivan and intern Aris were kind enough to take some "behind the scenes" photos so I thought I would share them with you!  We did shots for both Fall/Winter 2011/12 and Spring/Summer 2012.  Angela has already sent preliminary shots for me to pick from but I won't be sharing those until later . . . I'm thinking of releasing them one by one.  How painful!

When I pulled up to Jess & Ken's house on Thursday morning I was a little taken aback.  There was a construction crew set up right next door jackhammering the neighbour's driveway (and they soon pulled up the bulldozer to scoop what they were hammering at I assume?).  They insisted that I couldn't pull up my car to unload the: bike, suitcase, garment bags, computer & lunch for 7 people.  But they were nice enough and suggested I park a little ways down so that the rental car didn't get damaged . . . by flying rocks I'm assuming?  Someone tipped them off that we were doing a photoshoot and they were extra friendly to us pretty ladies.  Lucky thing we hadn't planned to do any shots in the front garden!

So here we have some accessories I picked up for the shoot: jewellery by my friend Kat of Curious Oddities, various jeans, leggings and t-shirts (we all need basics sometimes) as well as some super cute tights and hats from Urban Outfitters.  I was
 really tempted to keep one of the hats for myself but there is no way I could pull off having more volume on top of my hair!

So here to the left we have Andrea of Friskey Brown Makeup getting Ellen and Mackenzie ready for the shoot.  Andrea was a pleasure to work with!  Always enthusiastic and positive even by the end of a long day.  Andrea does makeup primarily but she was happy to step in and take care of the hair as well.  She did this really cool thing with Ellen's hair for our last scene at the beach - she did a few thin braids and then pulled it to the side.  It was simple but so stunning on Ellen's blonde mane.

I don't know why but I always think people love to see behind the scenes photos of models getting their makeup done!

We spent the morning and into the afternoon shooting at Jess & Ken's house.  They have a lovely roof top patio were we did the first few looks.  We were super lucky to have access to the house.  There was a room upstairs where we set up the wardrobe area, a family room where Andrea set up her hair & makeup station, a kitchen to get the lunch & snacks prepared and lots of great spaces to shoot in.  I even borrowed some vintage bikes from my kind friends Theresa and Amber so we could do some fun shots with them around the neighbourhood.  With all that time running between rooms and around the neighbourhood we ran a bit off schedule.  By the time we were ready to head to the beach we were hitting rush hour traffic.  I felt bad keeping everyone later (apparently next time I should be a little more anal and start hustling people around!) but it was totally worth it.  Due to scheduling and car space our behind the scenes photo crew had to head home so I don't have any candid beach shots to show you but it was nice!  As soon as I stepped out of the car I felt totally refreshed.  I couldn't believe how fast the last few shots went and I can't wait to share them with you . . . but not until next March or April!!

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