Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New website coming very soon!

 So here is just a little taste of what's to come.  I've been thinking about getting a new website for about a year or longer and in a spur of the moment decision this June I decided to take action. 
So that's where Gigi came in.  I got in contact with the Ryerson School of fashion to see if there were any communications students looking for a little work and experience.  I know a few friends who have gone on to do freelance graphic and web design and it doesn't hurt to have your work floating around on the world wide web along with happy clients to back up your reputation.  Gigi has done an amazing job.  She is continually in touch showing me updates so we can work together to tweak the look and function of the site as she goes.  She's been very open to all my suggestions and has been great with suggesting technical solutions to keep things simple for me.  I think it's also been a learning experience for her working with a client as anal as I have been (but I got this way by learning to try to please my own customers)!  In the end I'm getting the website of my dreams and I really hope some of my designer friends will get in touch with her to create websites or logos for their companies too!

The top photo shows a snippet of a product page - mainly I wanted to show the super cute menu bars she has created.  The top one is scanned from a vintage handkerchief and she has manipulated the colours in photoshop.    If you see it up close it looks amazing - you can still see the wrinkles and fades in the actual fabric.  The second one has headings in a super cute old fashioned typewriter font on top of a herringbone fabric.  Orignally I wanted to scan an actual piece of fabric with frayed edges but she did such a good job in photoshop that I'm happy to keep it as is.  She's also revamped my logo.  It has a bit of a retro feel to it but still incorporates my "paper people" (silhouette cut outs).  There's something catchy about it. 

The second image is the top of Gigi's CV.  The graphics she created for her name really caught my eye.  It's intricate and girly and has a beautiful flow to it.

The bottom photo is the size chart Gigi created for me.  Maybe I'm a bit of a dork to be ooing and awing over a size chart but it's just so effective!  It has that vintage feel to it but it's a little classy.  And the tactile quality is amazing.

Apparently Gigi had just begun work on her personal site when we got started on my project so that's been postponed but here are some links to her other work:

So I'd like to give a big pre-thank you to Gigi and please inquire if you'd like to hire her for your new web site or graphics overhaul!

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