Monday, July 11, 2011

My bathing suit finally came!

Okay, so actually it came last week but I was too busy getting ready for the photoshoots to blog about it. 

I've been looking for a new bathing suit for a while.  I've had the same black bikini since high school and apparently still haven't found anything exciting OR flattering enough to replace it with.  It's a pretty good bathing suit I guess.  I got it at La Vie en Rose.  The top has underwire and a decent but not overly generous amount of padding for those of us who are "petite".  My biggest complaint about bathing suits is that they aren't built more like bras.  A bandeau or a triangle top is going to do nothing for my (non existent) cleavage thank you very much.

So I had been ogling this suit on the Free People website for a while but was unsure about making the purchase and it quickly went out of stock.  After further visits to the site I decided I needed to have it so I searched the manufacturer's website: Lisa Maree (apparently an Australian brand) but alas, they too were out of stock.  Googling crocheted bathing suit got me a few cheap, slutty looking alternatives.  Then one day I was killing time on the Free People website and lo and behold it was back in stock!  I read the reviews thoroughly and made my choice carefully.  Normally I always buy xs at Free People but the reviews advised that the suit didn't stretch much and was short in the torso.  Now normally I can't even wear a one piece because of my long torso but this suit has a low neckline and adjustable tie around the neck so I didn't think I had much to worry about.  The side cut outs are great for sculpting the waistline (I'm not particularly curvy so this was an added bonus) and the delicate crochet fabrication appealed deeply to my doily and lace obsession!  So basically, this suit was made for me!  I ordered the small.

Now just to remind you this was during the Canada Post strike.  I remembered reading a big banner on the site a few nights earlier stating that all orders to Canada would be shipped UPS (or was it FedEx?) to avoid any delays or mix ups.  Well wouldn't you know they shipping it USPS and my package got stuck at the bordered for a good few weeks.  I ordered the suit in early June but it didn't arrive until early July.

Anyway, it was well worth the wait.  My decison to buy the s/p instead of the xs was right on.  It fits perfectly!  Now I just need to find the time to make it to a beach!!

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