Monday, July 4, 2011

3 Big Photoshoots!

This tree is so dreamy!
With 3 big photoshoots coming up I'm just scrambling to get my last few dresses sewn, gather accessories and props, beg and borrow vintage bikes, rent lighting equipment and the list goes on.  Basically, I should not be taking time out to write this blog post!  But we all know procrastination makes for the best blog posts.

My first shoot is coming up tomorrow.  It's the Fresh Collective Fall lookbook shoot.  Here at the studio we're almost finished all our super warm and toasty sweaters so I plenty to choose from to bring the shoot.  But plenty of choices makes for plenty of decisions.  I get 4 looks for this shoot so I decided to go with an earth tone theme.  I have my new sweater dress style, a cardigan vest, a hat & mitt combo and my personal fav, the slouchy, funky "Audrey" sweater!  Tomorrow is my shift at the Queen store so after I open shop I'll have to rush over to Emma-Lee's conveniently located Queen St. studio to bring in my pieces and oversee the shooting!

 Then comes the one I'm really anxious about.  My lifestyle shoot with Angela Lewis.  My regular photographer Carmen Cheung is having a very busy July moving into downtown apartment with her bf and going on a trip to Europe (pretty exciting things to be busy with if you ask me) so we weren't able to shoot together this time.  So that's where Angela came in.  I know Angela through friends.  I can't remember when we first met but I kept her in the back of my mind knowing that we might work together someday.  Angela has shot for Dagg & Stacey one of my favourite Toronto labels so I know she can deliver the look I'm going for.  To the left are some shots from the location scout we did.  My friend Darcie's sister

China cabinet full of treasures!

 Jess and her husband Ken were kind enough to let us invade their home for the day.  Darcie, Jess & Ken come from a very artistic family so their house is full of all sorts of treasures and art.  We'll be shooting in their home as well as outside and around the neighbourhood.  For this shoot I've also begged and borrowed the favours of a makeup artist friend Andrea Brown of Friskey Brown.  Andrea is another friend of a friend.  She can do everything from pinup to character to special effects.  I'm hoping for a nice sun washed look so and Andrea says she can give the girls natural looking freckles.  So exciting!

The lifestyle shoot will incorporate models wearing the clothes in every day scenes - picnicing, riding bikes.  Basically all that lovely leisurely stuff we wish we had more time for!  I'm going to be shooting some Fall/Winter pieces to accompany the lookbook styles model shots I've done with Carmen and then some Spring/Summer 2012 looks as well!

beautiful antique rocking chair

The last shot will be the Spring/Summer 2012 product shots.  This time instead of using models we're going to shoot the clothes on my rustic looking judy.  I'm enlisting the help of my new assistant Sivan Levy and my former intern Sarah Portwell.  Sarah's father is a professional photographer whom she's assisted many times.  And Sarah is actually going to be teaching a photography course at Ryerson University next year.  I'm so proud and so excited for her!  I imagine it must be difficult getting your foot in the door to teach at a university level.

So that about sums it up.  I must get back to my sewing machine now!

I'll be releasing my Fall/Winter 2011/12 collection in early August along with my brand new website so stay tuned for details!!

bendy road with lovely foliage!

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