Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Selection of Scarf Dresses at Fresh Collective Queen

 So when I designed my Spring/Summer 2011 collection my idea was to experiment with a variety of different materials and styles to see what sold best.  I made some pretty dresses from bedsheets and dress shirts as I have in past seasons and I made some dress styles from new sustainable jersey (organic cotton, tencel) with a screen print I designed myself.

I did some layering pieces like shrugs and vests from lightweight cotton sweaters.  Then I made some fun tanks using a spray bleach relief print on organic cotton jersey. 

A couple new things I tried were the dress and tops made from reclaimed men's polo shirts.  I love the subdued colours and subtle prints you can find with them.

Lastly I decided to get a little wild (something I used to be more known for) and made a garment from scarves that could be worn as a skirt or dress.  Hence the scarf dress was born. 

I don't know if anyone remembers but I used to throw the brightest colours and wildest patterns together to create tanks and tube tops from recycled jersey items but somehow over the years my tastes have matured in favour of more neutral or washed out colours so I really didn't see it coming when this dress became a hit.

So here it is, carefully crafted from 6 brightly patterned scarves and topped off with a bamboo jersey band.  This garment can be worn full length or short and sweet when pinned up by the buttons around the mid seam.  

Check them out at Fresh Collective (692 Queen St W, Toronto Ontario).

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