Monday, April 11, 2011

Garden Party Dress featured in Elle Canada April 2011

A few months back, journalist Marissa Ponikowski contacted me requesting some photos to be featured in Elle Canada.  For features like this they generally want clothes photographed on a mannequin or layed flat with a plain background.  Not having any such shots I enlisted the help of my skilled intern Sarah Portway who quickly clothed my dress form, shot the photos and shopped them into a tidy white background.

Some time passed and I forgot to keep my eye out for the issue.  In late April Ashleigh and I attended Ryerson's Mass Exodus where we met up with old classmates and professors.  It was then that I was alterted that my dress had been featured.

And it was just in the nick of time.  The next day I headed over to the 711 to flip through copies of Elle as well as Elle Canada where I was advised by a grouchy manager not to read the magazines.  I had to explain to her what I was looking for but the April magazines had been pulled from the shelves earlier that day and couldn't be sold.  I then directed my search to a local grocery store in my neighbourhood.  I explained my predicament to an employee who I often chat with while buying groceries and he offered to go through last month's boxed up magazines so that I could get my hands on that spread.  Lo and behold the April copy of Elle Canada surfaced but apparently couldn't be sold since the new issue had hit the shelves.  At this point my helpful friend ripped the page out of the magazine and told me to run along as the frowning manager looked on.   

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